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Low Power Lasers

QF-20, QF-50 and QF-100 watts

Mid Power Lasers

QF-200 & QF-300

Our QF-20, QF-50 and QF-100 watt low power (high density) lasers offer the best fiber laser solution in the market.

Don’t let the competition mislead you! Solid state diode pumping yag lag lasers are not fiber lasers! Our lasers are the most reliable and maintenance free lasers on the market with the estimated life at +50,000 hours of use.

Also, unlike YAG lasers, our lasers can take a bit of a knock and keep on operating. When transporting a laser from facility to facility and moving around the shop is required, P-Laser is there every time!

These lasers can operate 24 hours a day if required and require very little to no maintenance.

Some features our lasers offer are:

– Easy to change 250, 300, 400 & 500 mm lenses
– Mounting holes for fixed position mounting
– Touch screen selection for up to 8 pre-programmed laser cleaning jobs
– Ergonomic & lightweight scanner design for comfortable use

High Power Lasers

QF-500 & QF-1000 watt

Our high power (low density) lasers offer a very practical solution for large scale commercial operations.

These lasers are also designed for a 19″ rack configuration for easy integration into a production environment.

Like the low power lasers, all of our QF series lasers have an estimated life of 50,000+  hours of use. These lasers can operate 24 hours a day if required and require very little to no maintenance.

These lasers are either mounted in a self contained and water cooled wheeled mobile application or a fixed position air-conditioned cabinet.

Some additional features our lasers offer are:

  • Easy to change lenses
  • PLC controlled laser (not Windows controlled) offering a more stable platform
  • Fibre laser lengths up to 50 meters (164 Ft.)
  • Very delicate and will not damage substrate

What is average & pulse power?

Is this important?

A 100 watt (average) laser system has a peak pulse power output of more than 10,000 watts!

What is repetition rate?

A 20W laser has the same energy per pulse as a 100W system?

A 100W system can trigger pulses 100,000 times/second, where a 20W can only output 20,000 pulses/sec. Higher pulse rates will increase surface speeds!

Does Solid State = Fiber Laser?

A solid state or diode pumping laser is a crystal YAG laser which is not a true FIBER LASER! Don’t be fooled!

Does a laser emit radioactive radiation?

No! Laser radiation should not be confused with radio waves, microwaves, or the ionizing x-rays or radiation from radioactive substances such as radium.