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Low Power Manual Scanner

This manual scanner is a light weight and durable solution for precision work.

This scanner can not only perform laser cleaning but can also perform laser etching for your customized printing or logo jobs. Other 2D laser systems can only perform one function whereas our scanner easily performs both functions.

The four stock lenses range from 250mm-500mm and can be quickly removed and replaced to customize your cleaning application.

This scanner can also be easily adapted to a fixed platform or robotic head for automated applications.

This truly is the most versatile manual scanner on the market!


Low Power Machine Optic

If your requirement is purely an automated application, then the PX-2D LPM is for you!

This Low Power Machine optic head is designed for our low power 20-100 watt lasers. This offers a very stable mounting application which has provisions for vacuum suction to keep the lens clean.

A targeting laser is also adapted to this machine optic for precise work.

Robust and proven, this machine optic is designed to last!